Pro Player Representation

Contract Negotiation

From experience comes knowledge, SBMG has represented over 100 Major League Players since 1988. SBMG are Experts by Results!

Salary arbitration

Winning arbitration cases is about having the comparable date. Steve Pierce has over 30 years of Arbitration experience.

Free Agent Contract Negotiation

Established relationships with MLB team executives are the foundation of successful free agent placement and salary negotiation. Nothing can top 30 years of experience!


It’s critical that players maximize their earning potential while in the game. Whether its endorsements, equipment contracts, or baseball card signings, SBMG has you covered.

Amateur Draft Advisory Services

No player or family should attempt to go it alone. How and when a player enters professional baseball in many cases will dictate their early career path. The game of baseball is money driven at every level. That environment is changing each year and you need our 30 years of experience. From scout contacts, individual team needs and current organizational depth, SBMG has the data needed to insure you have all the information needed to make an informed decision as to when you choose to enter professional baseball.

Legal, Financial, Concierge Services

We believe that the more we can do for our players, the easier it is for the player to focus on playing baseball. Whether you need temporary housing, a vehicle shipped, assistance purchasing or selling a home or maybe an off season opportunity on the field or off, we’re there to help. SBMG also maintains active relationships with Accountants and Attorneys that can advise and assist in all matters legal and accounting.

Social Media

Now more than ever, players face substantial challenges in maintaining proper balance on social media. Less tends to be more. Whether it’s just advice you want or you would rather have SBMG handle your Social Media for you, consider it done.

Post Career Planning

No matter what, your baseball career will end at some point. It’s critical to have a plan for after baseball. SBMG has advised and assisted our players on post career opportunities for over 30 years. If you can dream it we can help you implement it.

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